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Our Company Ethos

Our Purpose

Enriching Lives Through Property

Our Vision

World-class property management services

Our Mission

Expert Property CARETM

C - Cashflow
We maximise our property investors financial investment return through proactive marketing to maximise rentals and minimise vacancies, by screening tenants thoroughly, and through vigorous rent collection.We aim to maximise the income derived from the property investment by ensuring minimal vacancies, by the application of strict rent collection procedures, and by proactively recommending income-enhancing improvements that can be made to the property where appropriate.

A - Asset
We ensure our property investors properties are well looked after by conducting thorough ingoing, 6 monthly and outgoing inspections, and making sure maintenance is quickly and properly attended to.We protect the asset value of the property investment by ensuring that it is well cared for, and by applying the strictest criteria to the evaluation of potential tenants.

R - Reconcile
We provide accurate and on-time administration, including a comprehensive lease agreement, monthly and annual statements, settling levies and rates off rentals received, and invoicing and collecting tenant utilities.

E - Exclusive
For peace of mind we provide personal attention and proactive communication, making property management easy and pleasant for our property investors.

Our Values

1. We are family
We are care for one another deeply. We consider each other in high regard, valuing their time, opinions, contributions and feelings. We are loyal to one another and treat each other in the way we would like to be treated. We support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. Our company is a vehicle for building up family, both those of our team and those of our clients and partners. We celebrate our differences, yet live in a way which us authentically ourselves.

2. We love what we do
We work with passion and energy every day. What we do matters, and it motivates us to know that we make a positive and positive difference to those we interact with each day. Our fellow team members and clients always find us willing, engaged and proactive.

3. Excellence is our standard
We are proud to deliver world-class work, and are happy to be accountable to one another for this. We believe in continuous improvement. We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We are disciplined and conscientious in our work so our results, growth and success are consistent.

4. We do the right thing
We do what is right no matter what the cost. We value honesty, truthfulness, transparency and sincerity. Our fellow team members and clients find us trustworthy and reliable.

5. We are always growing
We are hungry for knowledge and we are constantly learning and innovating. Our environment is one where debate is encouraged. We are open to change.

The CHORUS difference

We are a values based company
We value our people
We are operationally excellent
We are client-centric
We manage our company professionally